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Just as there is no one right way to live a happy, fulfilled, values-based life, there is no one right way to move from where you are now to where you’d like to be. Unfortunately, society paints a different picture and social media makes it easy to play the comparison game—a game that wastes energy and often leads you astray.

Your path is yours alone. But how do you find that path?

My own story has been full of twists and turns. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to run over to my friends’ homes to swim. I listened to the birds, felt the sun on my face, and watched the light and shadows dancing through the trees. A few years ago, I realized I had stopped rejuvenating myself by spending time in nature. I loved my job, but it consumed too much of my mind space and energy. I felt burnt out. I was giving too little time to my creative life, my body, my loved ones, my legacy, my spiritual health, and to nature. I needed to create space to explore what I wanted outside my work life.

My process of finding holistic wealth began when I slowed down and let go of the illusion of security and wealth that my job provided. I began spending more time outside the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. I traveled around the world. I saw sunsets, observed wildlife, appreciated flowers, and reconnected with friends. I focused on eating well to nourish my body. I began an exercise program.

I was learning that true abundance arises not from material wealth but from wealth of other kinds. Only after months of resting, eating right, and exercising more regularly could I begin examining what I wanted from life beyond my job and begin moving toward what I now call holistic wealth.

I reconsidered my thoughts, my calendar, my opinions, my systems. I started questioning my faith and beliefs. Eventually, I began studying the Bible. I learned to practice mindfulness and created rhythms for my life outside of work. I signed up for women’s retreats and online programs. I changed what food I ate and how I prepared it. I moved from the city to the suburbs. I switched from reading the Wall Street Journal to novels and books by creative women.

This deep, radical shift in my physical environment gradually led to a change in my psychological state and brought me and my family to an entirely new way of living. For us, it was the best path. Many of my friends have arrived at a similar place. They embrace holistic wealth: working less, living intentionally, investing their assets well, advocating for adventure, unplugging from technology, and being present as friends and family members. Some arrived at this place through a process similar to mine. Others came to holistic wealth after a major life event derailed them.

Different experiences. Similar destinations. Different goals. Similar outcomes. The only way that matters is the way that works for you.

Where to begin, what to embrace, what to prioritize, what to let go, and how quickly or slowly you move through the process to make space to embrace new things—it’s all for you to decide.

Constructing a life of intention, mindfulness, kindness, and holistic wealth is something worth celebrating.

Let’s celebrate this journey together.

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One thought on “Angelina’s Journey To Holistic Wealth”

  1. Krizia says:

    Living fully and being well in both body and mind are the only true ways to enjoy your financial wealth, especially later on in life…

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