“Wealth is having richness in all aspects of your life: emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and financial. Your money should work for you, your values, and your goals.”
Angelina Yao
Founder of Heels & Yield
About The Founder
Angelina Yao is a former investment professional who is passionate about helping women master their finances. Angelina has over ten years of experience in investment banking and portfolio management, including several years at the world’s largest asset management firm, BlackRock.
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The Seven Money Myths
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Our workshop #1: Mind Over Money; and workshop #2: From Financial Stability to Financial Clarity, will help you feel as empowered in your financial life as you do in your professional life.
Our workshop #3: Gaining Financial Affluence, is designed to give you the basics on how to move from financial clarity to financial affluence so you can achieve even more in your life.
To help clients achieve holistic wealth with guidance and accountability, Heels & Yield offers an ongoing process that combines financial education with personal financial coaching.
“I have learned the technique of investing and managing your money is actually very simple, but it takes years and years to master it, just like any skill you want to pick up. More importantly, there is an intuition that can only be gained through working with Angelina and through the repetition of years and years of practice. I'm really grateful that Angelina has shared her experience and intuition so I can short-cut many painful lessons.”
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