“Wealth is having richness in all aspects of your life: emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and financial. Your money should work for you, your values, and your goals.”
Angelina Yao
Founder of Heels & Yield
About Us
Established in 2015, Heels & Yield brings institutional quality financial education that is engaging and inspiring to family offices, executives and entrepreneurs. Everything we do is geared towards helping you reach your financial goals. We identify and communicate investment opportunities, as well as market risks to support you in preserving and growing your wealth. We also help clients incorporate sustainable and impact investing strategies into their financial goals and portfolios. Our team also creates and leads interactive and fun financial wellness workshops for today's business leaders and employees.
The Seven Money Myths
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Beginner Level
Our workshops and our 1x1 financial wellness introduction package will help you get activated and empowered in your personal finances.
Intermediate Level
Our Plan, Protect and Grow 1x1 private mentoring package will help you develop more confidence in managing your money during volatile markets. The Bear Market Investing Package also helps intermediate level clients navigate volatile markets with a phase-in strategy.
Advanced Level
To help engaged clients achieve holistic wealth with guidance and accountability, Heels & Yield offers the Impact Investing Package and the Lump Sum Investing Package.
“I found extraodinary value in this mentoring program! I always thought I would be overpaying for information if I hired a financial coach. I saved so much time and money by working with someone as experienced and high performing as Angelina. She isn’t the standard financial advisor or financial planner, she knows her stuff! It’s too bad that she is often fully booked and her schedule doesn’t alsways match mine.”
Hong Kong
“Oftentimes when I work with a private banker, the portfolio drifts from the “target asset allocation” and they only change the allocation when it’s too late, they don’t really monitor the portfolio so I can lose a lot of money. I rebalanced ahead of this market downturn so I am doing well. I am now consistently “buying low” or “selling high” — the holy grail of investing. That’s a plus when emotion has overtaken the market. Since I really trust Angelina with my money I also now work with her on my family’s impact business strategy. She has really helped me to brainstorm and come up with realistic scenarios and change my team’s strategy so that we use our resources efficiently and thrive as much as we can during the COVID-19 situation. ”
New York City, United States
“Heels & Yield helped me create realistic financial goals and stock market scenarios that even my two financial advisers didn’t do with me. This included the possibility that a downturn as severe as the one we’re seeing now could happen at any time. Angelina walked through all the portfolios I had— explained to me how my money in different types of investments that move differently from one another work and then taught me how to work with my financial advisers to make changes ahead of this downturn. She taught me how to ask the right questions, and how to talk to financial advisers to remove unnecessary fees. She also shared with me different fintech tools to ensure my returns wouldn’t be all eaten up by the advisor fees I had been paying all along. I am now more confident I can meet my financial and retirement goals and move to europe with my husband without working 5 years longer than I’d like. ”
Hong Kong
“Even though I have worked in an investment bank since graduation and I can ask my friends who work in private banking for intel and tips here and there, I still needed to take my own time to learn how to shift my own portfolio to be to be more conservative, with fewer stocks and more lower-risk investments like US treasury ETFs, to help reduce risk as we were getting close to the end of the expansion market cycle. I am now prepared and feel less fearful of investing during what my firm is telling clients could be a deeper market correction than what we had during the global financial crisis in 2008-2009. I am grateful I am at a decent financial position to buy during this downturn, fingers crossed, I don’t get made redundant so I can still achieve financial freedom at a reasonable age! ”
Hong Kong
“I’ve been an investment banker for 20 years and I have been using my firm’s private banking account since I got promoted to managing director. I still had a lot of questions and wanted to set up a financial plan with an experienced portfolio manager and chief investor officer of a large family office. Angelina is spot on and knows exactly how I should work with my private banker to actually help me make consistent returns. ”
Hong Kong
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