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I used to think to that at some point, I would have “made it.” Have you ever thought that? That once you got to a certain job title, salary, or maybe business goal, you’d be “there”...? Except once you got there, you realized: that was only the the first step on your new journey.

It’s a lesson I constantly have to relearn.

Like when I got my first six-figure salary…
Or when I got the title I’d been angling for for so long…
When my investments were giving me good passive income…

My father loves to work and is still working in his 70’s because he wants to create more experiences for his clients. And he is working longer hours than me. And that’s when I had a lightbulb moment…

He does NOT stop working!

Whether it’s a new project, taking care of the family, managing his team -- there’s never a “this is it” moment. There’s always more, no matter how much success he has. More people to reach, more to create, a bigger impact to make, more ways to grow personally.

Honestly, this is something I have to remind myself of constantly. To remember that all of this, especially being an entrepreneur, is a journey. And as someone who is focused on achieving holistic wealth at all life stages in my journey, I must remember that for each stage in life, the definition of success changes and I have to redefine it. That means that reaching each new stage is great, and there’s absolutely a need to set goals and to celebrate them. Just as each obstacle is simply a temporary pit stop, not a permanent one.

So here’s to embracing not just the destination, but the journey as well.

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One thought on “The Myth of Making It”

  1. Krizia says:

    I will also seek to love what I am doing. Then a job is never just a job 🙂

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