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Why follow signs and take risks?

Are you at a crossroad? Do you wonder how you can make big life-changing decisions? Do you feel your financial situation is holding you back?

Taking a big risk like quitting a job can be scary. I did it a few years ago to start Heels & Yield. I followed a sign and put myself out there to pursue a path that seemed anything but certain.

How did I do it? And maybe more importantly, why?

For me it comes down to a belief that holistic wealth can start with spiritual wealth rather than with money. And spiritual wealth starts with recognizing and honoring what your heart says.

My Big “Why”

A few years ago I felt stuck. Stuck in a job that was exciting and made me financially secure but that didn’t feel like my true life calling.

I spent my most of my adult life rejecting my need for creativity. I always wanted to design a cool product or service but I was aware that being a struggling artist would not be fun. So I pursued what seemed to be a more stable career in finance.

In my 30s, I looked for a way to fulfill this artistic creative expression in a meaningful way as a fund manager at BlackRock. I asked to lead a campaign to empower women to learn more about their finances even though I was already working overtime at my fund manager role.

Then came my sign, in the form of a debilitating tennis injury. As a result of the injury and taking time off, I realized I couldn’t be an effective fund manager and pursue my creative passion at the same time.

So I quit my job.

Quitting brought up fears, insecurities, and wounds from the past. I realized that many of my life choices revolved around trying to protect myself from taking risks. And one of my deepest wounds related to trying to reconcile my desire for “both/and” with a world that looks like “either/or.”

My whole life I have felt like an outsider, surrounded by either/or thinking such as:

  • Either you are a financially savvy professional or a financially insecure entrepreneur
  • Either you are good at science and math or you are creative
  • Either you are practical or woo-woo
  • Either you are traditional or a rebel
  • Either you are holy or erotic
  • Either you are loyal to your lineage or an individualist
Healing old wounds

Quitting my job and beginning to work with women one-on-one in a financial advisor role allowed me to begin healing these wounds. I found myself amongst a group of female founders who approached their lives and work from a both/and perspective instead of either/or. These women had careers in finance or the legal field with stable, promising careers and they wanted to find their dream careers and achieve holistic wealth.

All of them were professionally trained, but when they became entrepreneurs they had to start from zero like me. This helped obliterate my limiting beliefs. They had to figure out their finances and I was happy to help them.

It feels great to land in a place within where I no longer believe I have to choose between two ways of being, and my reality reflects that more every day.

The key was allowing my desires and my vision for my life to take the lead. Of all the inner work I have done with life coaches, this has been the most grounding for me. The other has been saying “no” to what doesn’t light my fire and yes to what does.

Finding my passion

This is what I am passionate about helping women to do. I call it:

Achieving The Holistic Wealth: Balance, Belonging, and Beauty from the inside out

The signs leading to you to what you want are not always obvious. Often, you have to take a step back—like I did when I was forced to take time away from work—to see your life in a bigger context. That’s when the deeper patterns and guidance will present themselves.

Helping you find your passion

Do you feel a passion inside of you that wants to be explored or expressed?

Do you feel inner conflict or are you cut off from your passion because you feel financially insecure?

The first step to getting where you want to be is gaining clarity. The next step is becoming knowledgeable about the tools available so you can be open to the possibility of achieving holistic wealth.

If you want to be supported to take this leap, come join our workshops.

If you want clarity on what security means to you and how you can integrate it with your passion, sign up for our workshop called “From Financial Security to Financial Clarity.”

I love sharing my gift of being able to help women tune into their hearts and souls quickly, give a voice to their truest desires, and figure out all the financial parts that keep them stuck so they can make it happen!

Action based on these steps allows for fulfillment. That’s my hope for every woman. Join us today!

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