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Have you ever come home with a new purchase and wondered why you bought it in the first place? Have you ever gone shopping for a pair of white shorts only to discover a brand new pair in the back of your drawer with the price tag still on it? These are signs of a disorganized wardrobe… a situation that can lead to wasted time, money, and energy. And just as your wardrobe can get cluttered when you neglect it, your finances can get messy when you don’t pay attention to your financial plan.

Imagine your life, streamlined.


Think about how long it takes you to get ready in the morning. Can you easily find all your clothes, shoes, and accessories or do you spend a lot of time searching for each item?

Imagine shopping for exactly the item you need, when you need it. Imagine waking up in the morning, walking into your closet, and putting together a fabulous outfit in just five minutes… because your closet is organized to your taste and priorities.

Now, imagine waking up in the morning knowing your money is automatically going where it’s supposed to be.

Organize your finances the way you organize your closet


Being organized and knowing what and how much you have can help you manage your finances and get the most out of your money.

Imagine that your bills are paid on time every month (without you even thinking about it) and a portion of your income automatically goes into savings. Imagine knowing where to invest so you’re always sure exactly where your money is and that it’s invested in the right places. And to top it all off, imagine having some income left over to spend and invest in what you love (a pair of new Manolo pumps, perhaps), completely guilt free. And imagine automatically donating money to your favorite charity and knowing you are giving generously!

If you can imagine an organized closet, then an organized, automated, guilt-free personal financial plan is within your reach. You don’t need to be rich or be a financial expert to make your money work for you.

Start thinking about money in a different way.


Just as fashion stylists and experts say you don’t need to be wealthy and deck yourself out with name brands to look your best, you don’t need to be a math geek or finance whiz—or a Type A personality or extraordinarily lucky—to find a personal financial plan that works for you.

Putting your wardrobe in order ends the aggravation of sifting through a disorganized closet. Organizing your finances can end your money worries, making you feel less overwhelmed and minimizing the frustration of sifting through mountains of financial information. This is true financial freedom, the Heels & Yield way.  

You don’t have to spend years studying compound interest charts or analyzing financial data. I’ve done this work for you, using my 10 years of experience managing money professionally and working with the smartest people in the finance business.

All you need is a willingness to think about money in a different way than you’re probably used to.

Taking control of your finances can be fun!


Maybe you’ve avoided taking charge of your money life because it seems overwhelming. Or because you always seem to have something more urgent to do. Or because investing seems scary. I’ve found that a lot of reluctance around organizing finances stems from women’s fear that dealing with money is difficult or boring. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Heels & Yield was born out of a desire to make managing your finances and creating a financial plan as much fun as following the latest fashion trends or pursuing your favorite hobby. Our online courses, community groups, and workshops can show you how. Lots of people work with professional organizers to get their closets in shape. Think of Heels & Yield as a professional organizer for your finances.

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Heels & Yield empowers women to manage their finances and to nourish their health and their wealth through its proprietary holistic wealth management practices. To help clients achieve holistic wealth with guidance and accountability, Heels & Yield offers services including group workshops and private wealth mentoring that combines financial education with personal financial coaching.



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